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AWB Metalwork

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

“Have the kind of passion, that sets the world on fire.”

— Dalai Lama

The words of the Dalai Lama certainly ring true when working with the talented team at AWB Metalwork.

Late last year we met with Tremio and went on over to the headquarters of AWB Metalwork to meet with them and collate some video and photography of the guys at work...ready to populate their new look website with.

The workshop was an amazing space filled with creativity and talent, and most importantly passion... the team are all passionate about the work that they create.

There are of course new high tech machines in the workshop that left us amazed and intrigued, but they are balanced out by the talent and skills that have been passed down and taught to the team in the original art of metalwork and blacksmithing.

We were able to work with the team to create imagery and a website that really showcases their creativity and the excitement of their work.

One of our favourite images from this shoot was of Hector, hard at work welding. (We are sorry Hector for standing shooting you repeatedly, but the opportunity was just too great)

The drama of the image was something that we really enjoyed capturing and working with in designs after.

We are all really pleased with how the video and the site has been transformed and how it showcases AWB and the work that they undertake.

“Of the four elements:

air, earth, water, and fire;

Man stole only one from the gods. Fire. And with it, man forged his will upon the world.”

- Anonymous

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