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Documentary wedding photography & wedding print 

What to expect if you hire us for your wedding day.


Welcome to Mogwai Media Weddings, where we specialise in documenting your wedding day with an authentic and candid approach.


We're passionate about capturing the genuine moments that make your special day truly unforgettable. From the heartfelt vows to the spontaneous laughter shared with loved ones, our goal is to create timeless images that reflect the true emotions of your wedding day.


Our documentary style allows us to blend seamlessly into the background, ensuring that you can relax and be yourselves while we discreetly capture every precious moment. We believe that the most beautiful moments are those that unfold organically, and we're dedicated to preserving these memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.


With a distinction in wedding planning, we understand the importance of your wedding day, and we feel privileged to be entrusted with documenting it. Our goal is to tell your love story through our lens, capturing the essence of your day in an authentic and heartfelt way that is truly unforgettable.

Before booking with us, we want to ensure that we're the perfect fit for each other. We specialise in partnering with couples who embrace our friendly and relaxed approach to photography.

Whether you prefer minimal portraits or adventurous photo shoots, we're here to bring your vision to life.

When it comes to portraits, we believe in a gentle approach. We won't dictate or pressure you into poses you're not comfortable with. If you prefer fewer couple photos, that's perfectly okay with us. We offer subtle prompts to encourage natural interaction between you both, ensuring genuine moments are captured.

And if you're feeling camera shy, don't worry. We're here to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Your happiness and comfort are our top priorities, and we'll do everything we can to ensure you have an amazing experience on your wedding day.


Our ultimate goal is for your photos to serve as a true reflection of your special day. We want you to look back on them and feel the joy and love that surrounded you, preserving those memories for a lifetime.


On your wedding day, the focus should be entirely on you as a couple, surrounded by your loved ones, celebrating your love. Our priority is for you to immerse yourselves in the moment, enjoying every second with your favourite people, while we discreetly capture all the precious moments.



Contact us to discuss your wedding photography needs and customise a package that suits you best. Let us capture the magic of your special day with timeless and beautiful images that you'll treasure forever.

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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

At Mogwai Media, we're dedicated to capturing every special moment with warmth and creativity, ensuring your day is beautifully preserved for years to come.


Why Choose Us?

  • Personalised Service: Your love story is unique, and we're here to tell it in a way that reflects your individual style and personality. From intimate elopements to grand affairs, we tailor our approach to meet your vision and preferences.

  • Professional Excellence: With our small team of skilled photographers, you can trust that your special day is in capable hands. We combine expertise with a passion for storytelling, capturing genuine emotions and candid moments that make your wedding truly unforgettable.

  • Stress-Free Experience: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but we're here to make the photography process seamless and enjoyable. From our initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, we handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

  • Stunning Imagery: Using the latest equipment and techniques, we produce breathtaking images that you'll treasure for a lifetime. From romantic portraits to spontaneous laughs, our photos capture the essence of your love story with grace and elegance.

What makes us special


At Mogwai Media, we approach weddings in true Mogwai fashion - we travel in packs.

When you book us for your wedding photography, you won't just get one photographer; you'll get two. This means that your special day will be captured from multiple angles, ensuring that no moment goes unnoticed. With our small team of photographers working together, you'll receive comprehensive coverage and a stunning collection of photos that truly encapsulate the magic of your wedding day.


Having two photographers at your wedding offers several significant benefits, two photographers at your wedding enhances the quality and variety of your wedding photos, providing you with a more comprehensive and memorable documentation of your special day.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: With two photographers, you can capture multiple angles and perspectives simultaneously. While one photographer focuses on the couple, the other can capture candid moments, reactions, and details happening throughout the venue. This ensures that no special moment is missed.

  • More Creativity: Two photographers can collaborate to create more creative and artistic shots. They can experiment with different compositions, lighting techniques, and poses to produce a diverse range of images that truly reflect the essence of your wedding day.

  • Backup and Support: In case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as equipment failure or illness, having two photographers provides a backup plan. Additionally, having a second photographer provides support and assistance to the primary photographer, allowing them to focus on capturing the most important moments without distractions.

  • Efficient Workflow: With two photographers, the workflow becomes more efficient. They can divide tasks, such as capturing bridal party preparations and groomsmen getting ready simultaneously, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined process.

  • More Moments Captured: Weddings are filled with countless fleeting moments that you'll want to remember forever. Having two photographers increases the likelihood of capturing these precious moments, ensuring that every emotion, laugh, and tear is preserved for years to come.


We had Mogwai media to take photos at our wedding in Aug 2022.


The photos were amazing their talent for spotting the perfect photo is exceptional. One of my favourite photos from my whole wedding is one where Sam just said stand there and took the most perfect picture wasn't planned but is just fantastic.


They also helped to create my perfect day by designing and creating my orders of service, seating plan, table numbers and arch decor. In short no end to this team's talents, would one million percent recommend them to anyone.

Faye & Jimmy 

Full Day

  • Comprehensive coverage from getting ready through to the evening festivities, up to twelve hours

  • Two photographers capturing your special day

  • travel included up to 40 miles from Rhayader

  • Pre-wedding consultation and chat

  • individually edited high-resolution images in colour and black & white

  • Preview photos available within one week after your wedding

  • All liability and indemnity insurances, license to print rights included

Elopements & Small Weddings

  • Minimum 2 hours of coverage at flexible timings

  • Two photographers dedicated to your day

  • Pre-wedding consultation and chat

  • individually edited high-resolution images in colour and black & white

  • Preview photos delivered within one week after your wedding

  • All liability and indemnity insurances,  license to print rights included

Destination Weddings

  • All-inclusive travel and accommodation

  • Full-day coverage spanning getting ready to the evening celebrations, up to twelve hours (additional coverage available for pre/post-wedding events)

  • Two photographers documenting your special day

  • Pre-wedding consultations and chats

  • individually edited high-resolution images in colour and black & white

  • Preview photos provided within one week after your wedding

  • All liability and indemnity insurances, license to print rights included

We booked Mogwai Media at short notice for our wedding after being let down by a family friend.


Sam and Dave were so accommodating, and really listened to what we wanted, and went above and beyond anything that we imagined.


They took a lot of time to ensure that they got the perfect photos of us as a couple and really captured our big day in a way that enables us to relive it every time we look through the photos.


They are beautiful, creative professionals and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Holly & Toby

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Would highly recommend this team without any hesitation. Such professional and quality service from start to finish. They listened to our requests and delivered above and beyond what we’d asked for. Such high standards and so friendly and approachable. Wonderful.


                                               - Rowena 


At Mogwai Media, we firmly believe that love knows no bounds and that equality is a fundamental principle that should be celebrated by all.

We embrace diversity in all its forms and are committed to capturing the beauty of love in its purest form, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or background.

Every love story is unique and deserves to be honoured and cherished.

We stand with all couples in their journey to create lasting memories of their special day, and we are proud to be advocates for love and equality in all its forms.

Love is for everyone, and we are here to capture the magic of your love story, no matter who you are or who you love.

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Mogwai Media shot our wedding in July 23. It was in the middle of know where, absolutely hammering it down but it didn’t deter them.

From start to finish it was the most professional but exciting and relaxing experience. I didn’t have a clue was I needed to do or what was expected of us and we were gently guided every step of the way.

Nothing was too much trouble and for someone who doesn’t like having their photo taken, it was the best day. We weren’t aware they were there except for the main photos and the precious pictures we have to immortalise our day are breathtaking.

Along with Tremio who kindly did our wedding video, the team were the best. We truly couldn’t be more grateful and recommended then more highly. Thank you team

Zoe and Rich

Wedding Print

Wedding  Print 

Welcome to Mogwai Media, where we specialise in bringing your wedding vision to life through beautifully crafted print materials. From elegant invitations to personalized save-the-date cards, order of service booklets, table plans, reception signs, and more, we're here to help you brand your wedding with style and sophistication.

Our team understands that every couple is unique, and we're dedicated to providing personalised printing solutions tailored to your individual preferences and theme. Whether you're dreaming of a rustic, bohemian affair or a modern, minimalist celebration, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to fruition.

With a wide range of paper stocks, colours, fonts, and design options to choose from, you'll have the flexibility to create custom pieces that reflect your personality and set the tone for your special day.

We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding stationery is impeccably executed.

We believe that your wedding stationery should be as unique and unforgettable as your love story.


Let us help you make a lasting impression on your guests with exquisite printed materials that perfectly complement your wedding aesthetic.


Contact us today to discuss your printing needs and start creating the wedding stationery of your dreams.

Tremio Logo

Having collaborated frequently with Tremio,

we wholeheartedly recommend their services for capturing your wedding video.


Their work is consistently beautiful and imaginative, ensuring your special day is captured in the most stunning and creative manner possible.

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