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"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room"

- Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon

So, what do you want people to say about you & what do you want them to feel?

We work together, face to face, on the phone or via email, to establish your purpose, position and personality, all of which will then feed into developing  your new  branding.

We ask questions to find out the purpose of your brand and what you hope to achieve with it,
we determine the position by finding out who the brand is aimed to attract and undertake market research to see where it fits within your audience.

Undertaking  these steps helps us to develop the personality of the brand and begin working on the brand identity which is comprised of many factors such as:

Tone of Voice

The personality of your brand, the words you use, the way you address your audience,

A strong tone of voice  is essential in creating a brand that is genuine, likeable and strong in its identity.

Colour Palette

Using colour psychology we develop a “colour palette” for your brand.
Although simplistic colour psychology can be fairly intuitive (red- hot / danger, Blue cold / calm.)
We use our background, research and qualifications in art and psychology to further develop a palette that is perfect for your business.

Whats so wrong with “comic sans” - well nothing if you are using it in the right place and for the right reasons.
With so many fonts available for us to download and use, the “kid in the sweetshop “ sometimes prevails and we end up with a combination of “scrolling” and “swirling” fonts that create a disjointed, messy and sometimes hard to read offering.
We work to find the best font for you, one that appeals to your audience, works with your logo and colours and one that most importantly of all… is readable.

If we have developed a voice for your brand, and given it a face with a logo, we then need to work on the supporting materials.
“A picture paints a thousand words”
We will work with you to advise you on a supporting graphics style, develop some branded photography or point you in the right direction of an artist or specialist that will fit your style.

Digital Marketing
We want to present your brand in the best possible way, we follow through with the branding guidelines into your website and social offerings. using our audience awareness and your colour palettes, typography, justification of text, tone of voice etc to create the digital packaging of your brand.

Logo Design
The perceived “Big King” of branding, your logo is important, but so are all the other factors we mentioned above. There are businesses on line that can “knock you up a logo” in five minutes, but they don't always  take into consideration all the other factors, the attachments, thoughts and feelings that go with good designing.

A good logo needs consideration and in most cases simplification, we believe in “leaving something to the imagination”- encouraging your audience to add their own perspective of your brand into the “white space” that we leave within a simple design.
Simplicity also helps when it comes to design working across a variety of advertising spaces, 

Your logo needs to be flexible enough to work on all platforms from giant billboards to teeny-tiny social media icons.


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