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Welcome to Mogwai Media, where we help you shape your brand identity to resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.


We understand the power of perception. What people say about you and how they feel about your brand can make all the difference. That's why we're here to guide you through the process of defining your brand's purpose, position, and personality.

We believe in collaboration and communication, whether it's face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or emails. By working closely with you, we gain valuable insights into your vision and objectives, which serve as the foundation for crafting your new branding.

Our approach involves asking the right questions to uncover the essence of your brand. What is the purpose behind your brand? What do you hope to achieve? By understanding your goals, we can tailor our strategies to align with your aspirations.

Determining the position of your brand is equally crucial. Who is your target audience? What sets you apart from competitors? Through comprehensive market research, we identify your niche and uncover opportunities for differentiation.

With these insights in hand, we embark on the journey of developing your brand's personality. From the tone of voice to the visual elements, every aspect contributes to shaping a distinct and authentic identity.

The brand identity encompasses various components, including:

  • Logo design

  • Colour palette

  • Typography

  • Visual elements

  • Brand messaging

  • Tone of voice

By carefully crafting each element, we ensure that your brand communicates effectively and resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

We're committed to helping you build a brand that not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impression. Let's work together to create a brand that reflects your values, captivates your audience, and drives success.

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Tone of Voice

The personality of your brand, the words you use, the way you address your audience,

A strong tone of voice  is essential in creating a brand that is genuine, likeable and strong in its identity.

Colour Palette

Using colour psychology we develop a “colour palette” for your brand.
Although simplistic colour psychology can be fairly intuitive (red- hot / danger, Blue cold / calm.)
We use our background, research and qualifications in art and colour psychology to further develop a palette that is perfect for your business.


Whats so wrong with “comic sans” - well nothing if you are using it in the right place and for the right reasons.
With so many fonts available for us to download and use, the “kid in the sweetshop “ sometimes prevails and we end up with a combination of “scrolling” and “swirling” fonts that create a disjointed, messy and sometimes hard to read offering.
We work to find the best font for you, one that appeals to your audience, works with your logo and colours and one that most importantly of all… is readable.

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Cae Llwyn Breaks Logo on T-Shirt

Logo Design

While there are quick-fix online services promising a logo in minutes, they often overlook the nuances of effective design. We understand that a good logo goes beyond mere aesthetics; it embodies the essence of your brand and evokes a myriad of emotions and associations.

Crafting a successful logo requires careful consideration and often, simplification. We believe in the power of leaving room for interpretation, allowing your audience to imbue their own perceptions into the design's whitespace.

Simplicity is key, especially when it comes to ensuring your logo translates seamlessly across various mediums. From towering billboards to tiny social media icons, your logo should remain versatile and recognizable.


If we have developed a voice for your brand, and given it a face with a logo, we then need to work on the supporting materials.
“A picture paints a thousand words”
We will work with you to advise you on a supporting graphics style, develop some branded photography or point you in the right direction of an artist or specialist that will fit your style.

Digital Marketing

We want to present your brand in the best possible way, we follow through with the branding guidelines into your website and social offerings. using our audience awareness and your colour palettes, typography, justification of text, tone of voice etc to create the digital packaging of your brand.

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