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Tidy Mouse that travelled the world from a shed in Builth Wells

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we received a phone call requesting our photographic expertise to capture a compelling story. 

Little did we know that the images we would capture in a shed in Builth Wells would soon make headlines, reaching audiences far beyond our expectations.

Since then the photographs that we took have appeared on the BBC, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and (as we just discovered) in The New York Times …

The realisation that images that we took in a shed in Builh Wells have since been seen half way around the world is kind of mind blowing and a feeling that I don’t think we will ever tire of…

Anyway enough from us ..heres the story and a link to where you can read it in full online 

For the past two months, a remarkable scene has unfolded in Rodney Holbrook's shed in Builth Wells, Powys, Wales. 

The 75-year-old wildlife photographer noticed that items he left in disarray were mysteriously being tidied up overnight. 

Intrigued by this unusual phenomenon, Holbrook decided to investigate by setting up a night vision camera on his workbench, capturing footage that seemed straight out of the movie Stuart Little...

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