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Bunnies Everywhere - Ethical Angora

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Photoshoot outside in the Welsh Hills ... excellent

Photoshoot outside in the Welsh Hills with the fluffiest bunny ever ... even better.

Ethical Angora came about from a desire to create a business with a sustainable, ethical, purpose providing ethical British Angora.

Ethical Angora has 12.5 acres in rural mid Wales so, there is plenty of room for 29 Angora Bunnies to bounce about.

We met with Ethical Angora to take some product photographs of some of their latest fabulously fluffy creations.

Taking photographs whilst socially distancing is a new skill set that relies heavily on a camera with an excellent lens... its a skill that we have been perfecting in the last 12 months.

We loved being involved in this shoot, it was an excellent day where we felt that we left with more photographs than we could ever possibly need. . . and just look at that floof on that rabbit!

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