It can be confusing trying to determine what all the different acronyms and names for website and internet related things mean, In fact sometimes it can be like learning a whole new language...

so, we have started a list... we hope this will help and answer some of the questions that may arise when looking for a web developer / designer.


If you hear a term or word not featured, and want to know what it means, ask us, let us know and we will add it to this list :-)

Adding analytics to the site will enable you or your web company to access an analysing programme such as “Google Analytics”  where you will be able to read more about the users that access your site and the way that they use it, where they are from, how long they spend on the site etc.

Back End
The “back end” is the back of the website where the magic happens, where you update the site, where the applications are stored. The back end is not viewable to regular visitors to your site and can usually only be accessed by yourself or your developers via a username and password.

Backlinks are links that are coming from other sites back to yours, they can help with search engine results and are another way of getting your site seen more frequently in different places.

Bandwidth can refer to two different things: the rate at which data can be transferred or the total amount of data allowed to be transferred from a web host during a given month

Bounce Rate
The bounce rate, (although it sounds joyful) is where you measure the amount of people who have accessed your site and then left without accessing any other pages.
A low bounce rate is preferable and a sign of a good working website.

The Hansel and Gretel of web design, the breadcrumb is the journey displayed at the very top of your page  i.e : Home > accommodation > rooms
This journey displays the pages and subpages that you would travel on to reach the destination page that you have arrived at.

Which browser are you using? browser refers to the programme you are using to open your website, common examples would be:
when using an Apple product (I phone, Mac etc) Browser - Safari
when using an Android product (Samsung phone etc) Browser - Google Chrome

Other examples of browsers that you may use or be familiar with are Firefox, Dolphin or Internet Explorer.

When you access a page on the internet the page details are pulled down so that you can view it on your browser, cached files are files that have been saved by your browser so that the next time you visit the site the page loads quicker.

Content Management System
Also known as a CMS, the Content Management System is where you go / what you use to edit or update the content on the website (the backend)

Domain Name Servers
(We think this might just be easier of you Google it as its pretty confusing for us to write down)
basically, the stage in the middle that ensures that when you type a website address into your browser you end up at the correct page.

The domain name is the name of your website for example: www.mogwaimedia.com
You can have a variety of domain names that all point back to one site…
So, www.mogwaimedia.co.uk would take you to the same site as www.mogwaimedia.com

Electronic Commerce. Put simply the buying and selling of goods online wether physical items or digital downloads.

See right up there in the web bar (the bit where you type the web address in) there is a teeny tiny little icon next to the web address… that there is your favicon

The front-end is the opposite of the back end, its what visitors to your site see when they visit your website.

A link from one place to another,
Imagine the hyperlink as a portal, clicking a hyperlink on a site transports you from one page / site to another predetermined location (another part of the site or new website)
You can usually identify a hyperlink as the text may be in italics, underlined or a different colour.

Landing Page
A landing page is the page where a visitor “lands” when first visiting your website, usually the home page.


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