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Company Name: Mogwai Media Ltd   Company Number: 11176912 

Registered Office: The Arches, West Street, Rhayader, Powys, LD6 5AB

Mogwai Media Towers - Where it all began

March 10, 2018

We’ve been asked a few times how Mogwai Media came about, where the name came from and how we started providing web design, illustration graphics and photography for businesses across Mid Wales (and in some cases further afield). So, here’s the story (for those of you who are interested) of how it all began…Because you know a company with a name like “MogwaiMedia” and a mission statement of “ design with a difference” is going to have a great backstory…So grab a cup of tea, get comfy and lets begin. 




Firstly, there’s the name “ Mogwai Media”…now, we’ve been asked hundreds of times where the name came from and what it means…and I’d love to be able to tell you that there is some deep meaning behind why we chose Mogwai - that we had an epiphany or some kind of relation with the Cantonese transliteration of the word, which translates as Monster (Monster Media - there’s another great name) The truth is, that the night before we named the company we had been watching the Gremlins, I mean who doesn’t love the part where good old Gizmo gets his tie and wraps it round his head Rambo style to go and take on the bad gremlins that are attacking New York City? A battle with an obstinate website that we will reference later was being fought with declarations of there being “gremlins inside the computer” so when we were later thinking of a name for the business what else but Mogwai would fit … Mogwai Media came to us (well one of us, the other took a little longer to persuade on this name) in a fit of inspiration. In an impromptu moment of knowing that the name was a keeper (and on a slight caffeine high) the domain was purchased It’s developed since those days - we had chats early on about changing the name of the business and going for something more “corporate sounding” and serious, but, “Mogwai Media” has a personality of its own these days, it has an ethos and mission statement that promises “design with a difference” and that’s exactly what Mogwai does. 


But as for the business well...


it feels like i should begin by telling you about a lonely alchemist high in the hills of Mid Wales that concocted some magic potion dropped it into the River Wye and began the foundings of Mogwai Media, but..It was a normal day; there weren’t any signs in the sky that morning, that a warm day in July 2016 was going to be the start of a brand new journey into the world of developing our own company and starting our plans for world “web” domination. The kettle had just boiled for the 4th time, with no one following through on the promise of adding the caffeine and milk into the empty cups that were waiting to provide us with a service of essential brain juice. We were sat in a small office, both of us working different jobs attempting to fix a website that was proving to be less than receptive to our pleas. We couldn’t entirely blame the website, it had all the promise of doing exactly what was needed, it was just too complicated for its own good…and had pretty much ground to a halt, after much stripping of elements, threatening with hammers and generally banging our heads against a brick wall we came to the temporary fix of getting the site to do what we needed it to (thankfully we have since had the opportunity to redesign it totally and now its all singing and dancing but has a content management system that can be maintained as easily as editing a word document - the world is a good place) So as you can imagine we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, we even celebrated by actually adding the coffee and milk into the cups and clinking them together in a “ thank goodness that’s working again now” manner… (I suppose you need a little bit of back story so that you don’t think that we were just let loose on a random website and asked to make it work… between us we have experience in building and maintaining websites, managing social media accounts, degrees in coding, business management, animation, illustration, a qualification in teaching and accolades in photography). Anyway, over the now luke warm celebratory coffee we were having a chat, talking about the amount of businesses that were out there that were struggling with websites that weren’t providing them with the service that they needed, websites that they had built, that then didn’t really do what they needed or in some cases did loads more than what was needed but was impossible for the average busy business owner managing their own day to day business to maintain. Then the phone rang and we were asked if we could help fix a problem that another department was having with their social media… It wasn’t until later that day that we began pingponging the idea of starting our own business. We had the ambition of providing people with websites that were easy to manage, give them exactly what they needed and to keep the price of the service low, therefore enabling micro-businesses to get going with things where they had thought would come once they had the capital, we wanted to be the sort of business that stood out, that had a strong customer service and that provided a real service for our clients…a company that made beautiful