Stories in the stars 🌟⭐️

As we left the office last night the moon had already risen and the sun had gone to bed... So, coats on and our office stripey blanket repurposed as a scarf we popped up to the elan valley on a star hunt.

We managed to capture a few shots before we just got a bit too chilly and had to get back to the car.

These are some of our favourites... and we will tell you why:

🌟⭐️The first photo shows Ursa Major which is a bit of a favourite of the constellations with us (because its the big bear... and it was one of the first ones we were both able to recognise from a young age)

One of the legends of how Ursa Major got her name tells us that the Greek God Zeus fell in love with a beautiful woman named Castillo, they had a brief and passionate relationship which accumulated in the birth of their son Arcas. Zeus' wife Hera wasn't overly chuffed with this situation and was out for vengeance, so, Zeus turned both Callisto and Arcas into bears grabbed them by their short stumpy bear tails and threw them into the night sky where Hera couldn't reach them... it is also legend that this is why the little dipper curves towards the big dipper as the little baby bear looks up to his mother made of stars.

🌟⭐️In the second photo you'll see Venus hovering just next to the spire of NantGwyllt church.. okay maybe not hovering right next to the spire, as Venus is the second planet from the Sun,...but it is so bright out there in the night sky that it looked almost like you could reach out and touch it. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. and is the second-brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon, Venus can cast shadows and, rarely, is visible to the naked eye in broad daylight.

🌟⭐️In the third photo you should be able to make out Orion, now when we had a mooch on the internet for the exact legend that surrounds Orion, we came across this ...(Zeus really needs to stop throwing people up into the night sky)

"Orion is linked in a stellar myth with the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus. The Pleiades were seven sisters, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. As the story is usually told, Orion fell in love with the Pleiades and pursued them with amorous intent. But according to Hyginus, it was actually their mother Pleione he was after. Zeus snatched the group up and placed them among the stars, where Orion still pursues them across the sky each night.- ian ridpath."

🌟⭐️Finally, the last photo is of the good old moon, with some tracks left in the sky from the aeroplane that scooted past...taking its container of people as close to the Gods that Zeus has popped into the sky as it is able, with a reflection over the waters of the Elan Valley. Our next full moon is on the 9th February and is called "The Snow moon, Ice Moon or Storm Moon" stay tuned for some more moony photos after then, and lets hope the names given to the Feb full moon aren't too much of a prophesy for the weather for the rest of the month 📷

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