2020 Year of The Mogwai

It’s been a busy year in Mogwai Media… we have celebrated brand new hellos, and said our saddest goodbyes.

We chased tractors by moon light to get the perfect shot whilst being serenaded by the low rumble of John Deer and the nocturnal wildlife of the Elan Valley.

We have had the pleasure of working with some great people this year and been part of some really exciting projects - such as the branding for the new Pump Track Wales (the largest pump track of its kind in the UK- don't you know…)

We have watched our channels and the channels of the people we have worked with this year grow and develop and seen them get accolades for their hard work and advertising.

We have watched as businesses that came to us as ideas, have flourished over the year and really embraced the work we have undertaken with them and made themselves noticeable in a massively competitive market.

We have taken photos of engagements, weddings, babies, christenings, pets, and families in our studio and on location; watching clients quadruple in confidence in the middle of photoshoots that they booked to make themselves feel better… (that was amazing and we loved it).

We have bought new equipment to make our products bigger, better, stronger and faster and we've gone back to our roots and decorated the office to really reflect the personality of Mogwai Media (If you've not been to visit recently the green and pink chairs are both firm favourites).

With 2020 now firmly in flow, we thought we would make our first blog a bit of a reflection on the year of the 2019 Mogwai, and the plans, hopes and dreams for the 2020 “Year of The Mogwai”

We learnt a lot this year, about our selves, about what is important…

We have taken all that with us in our plan for 2020 (I’m unable to write that number without the words Mad Dog appearing before it in my minds eye #90s ) and come up with a list of things that Mogwai Media want to achieve by this time next year… here’s just 5 from that list.

1) Visit more National Trust Sites

We started this in Jan 2019 when we first got our membership with the National Trust, we weren't sure if we would use it enough being in the Middle of Wales where the number of sites are limited… but we have, we have loved being able to drop in to places on the way back from others.. or to plan special days out where we have wanted to go and look at a “specific thing”. The National Trust Membership also gets us out of the office, which is always important .. because no matter how much you love a job, sometimes you just need to step away and do something else… which brings us on to the next point…

2) Health and Well being

Going for a walk at lunch time… Did you know that 68% of working people no longer take their lunch break in the middle of the day, instead choosing to “power through” or to check emails whilst nibbling at a sandwich - still sitting at their desk. Well, were here to tell you that a short break is just what your brain needs to boost itself for the afternoon ahead, as the brains resources get used up throughout the morning, your stress levels begin to climb… walking away and having a change of scenery at lunch time is not only good for your mental health but your health-health too.

3) Learn more about the night sky,

‘Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at the star because we are human?’ - Neil Gaiman

Mogwai Dave has a new fascination with astro photography which has made Christmas present shopping a piece of pie this year - gloves, scarves, thermos flask, wobbly bonnet to keep the ears warm and a subscription to Night Sky Premium. This is a brilliant app, well worth a download - you don't even have to move to the premium straight away the initial downloadable version is fantastic too) the app has been great for pointing us in the right direction (quite literally) of which constellations are which, and at what time of the night we are best positioned to see various meteorite showers etc. Yet, in true Mogwai style we had to go a step further. We had our interests stirred when coming across the story of Ursa Major and Minor and their journey into the skies, (now unable to look up at Ursa Major without imagining a great big momma bear starting back as me) if you don't know anything about them, here and now isn't the place, but grab some Google and meet us under the skies one night …theres a whole sky full of stars up there with stories for us to learn.. with a Dark Sky Reserve right next door to the office and a Space Guard Centre 30 mins up the road, 2020 is the year for dark skies tourism.

4) Eco Friendly Office

Mogwai HQ is based above the Arches Community Shop in Rhayader which recycles and sells second hand clothing, books and electronics.

This has meant that we have been more mindful about recycling and donating items that we have had at home, rather than pop them in the back of the cupboard for another 12 months and it’s an ethos that we have taken with us upstairs into our office. We recycle as much waste as we can, (to be fair we don't make a lot ) we have aimed to be as paperless as we can in the office, only printing when we really need to. We recycled and repurposed for our Christmas Craft Fayres and gifts for clients this year (they haven't seen them yet, so it’s hush hush still) and stayed away from any single use plastics. We've also gone as natural as we can too, investing in (amongst other things) some bees wax wraps for sandwiches, and using them every day that we bring lunch in - these are available in various on line stores or available to buy locally from Quillies in Rhayader.

Loads of little changes throughout the year and with more to come, So, we are getting there, we have a lot to do still.. but like it says in the Lorax

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

5) Read More, Scroll Less

So as much as we spend hours of the day crafting the perfect posts for social media, or helping others to plan for the month ahead, this is one “new year, new me resolution” that we have already started.

Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter we use all of them … and we do what you do after we post, we scroll!

Social Media can be a really powerful tool, for advertising or connecting people yet it can also be the very reason you are distant from those in front of you (separated by your phone) or feel very alone when surrounded by hundreds of “friends” and “ followers”

There is an expectation on social media, where people post “picture perfect moments” or the “highlight reel” as it is sometimes called, often leaving people feeling not good enough or that their life is missing something, one of our favourite quotes from this year was this “never judge your behind the scenes with someone else's highlight reel”

Don’t get us wrong, social media is still where it is at for promoting your business or connecting with people …but, we think time needs to be allocated for social media and time for …everything else.

So, when the urge hits to sit and scroll aimlessly through pages of status updates you'll find us with our heads in a book instead…

We have a lot to choose from:

Books on photography, the night sky, graphic design - just to name a few

and of course the books you just want to pour a cup of tea and snuggle up with.

We hope you have enjoyed our first blog on our “new look website” and we hope you'll tune back in for the next one … and the one after that… and the one after that one.

Till then, in a while crocodiles :-)


Mogwai Media

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