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Elevated Spaces is the perfect option to not just create a new website but to take your online presence to a new level.

We can lead your business into the next generation of web content and marketing, elevating your business and creating a digital space that really makes you stand out.

Successfully marketing a business now requires a strong portfolio of skills. A basic website build is no longer enough for anyone who has a business that wants to be noticed and stand out from the masses.

Mogwai Media have joined with Tremio and Creative Solutions to create a superpower of professionals who can direct you through a digital landscape which is constantly changing. 


We can bring your business into focus by creating a well built digital space with great functionality, which stands out with great design, articulate and descriptive marketing and beautiful visuals from photography, video and drone content. 

To create a digital space that truly represents your business we offer more than just the average package:

Over 10 years experience working within Regeneration and Tourism industry
Aerial photography and videography
Fully edited promotional (90-120 seconds long) video with ground videography, music & credits,

1-5 page web design, copy writing / digital assets creation and a ground photography package to suit your business 

Between us we have degrees and qualifications in Animation and Film, Creative Writing, Business Information Technology, Education and Training, Colour Therapy,

Rather than having to source this suite of skills yourself and arrange three times the meetings, at three times the cost in time and money - we work together to maximise your spend in the minimum time. 

One brief, one package, one price. Three times the expertise. 


Minimal effort on your part, maximum return on investment on ours. 


Our price provides a discounted rate by all three businesses working together, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing each service independently.

Elevated Spaces

An example of our work.

Redwood Retreat is our pilot project where we have worked with the power of three. 

We were thrilled with the outcome of the partnership and the cohesiveness that then appeared across all of the following branding and marketing for these fabulous geodesic holiday domes.

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